The “Marmor Talent Difference” is defined by 5 core tenets

1.  Superior Talent

Successful staffing requires having the right people, the right process, and the right tools.  By nailing each of these dimensions, we “out-recruit” our competitors.

First, our talent acquisition staff is comprised of senior recruiters hand-picked as top performers from some of the largest recruiting firms in the United States.  They have substantial experience identifying, screening, and placing talent within our priority industries and occupational categories (see our services).  There are no junior-level recruiters who naively conduct keyword database searches to find resumes.  Instead, our senior recruiters will meticulously and tenaciously leverage our relationships, proprietary database, and 3rd party recruiting sites to curate a small pool of pre-qualified candidates that we would hire to grow our business or complete our project if we were you. 

Second, our process is rigorous and hands-on.  Prior to submitting a candidate’s resume to your organization, a dedicated Marmor recruiter will conduct a technical evaluation, employment/background verification, and determine personal/company cultural compatibility for the contract or permanent position. Once screening is complete, a recruiting manager will evaluate the resume submission package to ensure the candidate meets the position qualifications. Marmor Talent aims to operate as an extension of your Human Resources department, uniquely qualified to overachieve in the area of talent acquisition.  We understand that our clients do not have time to sift through hundreds or thousands of potential resumes.  Therefore, we do all of the legwork for you.  Bottom line: The Marmor Talent Delivery Approach ensures top tier candidates for all of our clients’ roles.

Finally, we have the right tools.  Technological innovation has eliminated the need for an old school “rolodex” of potential candidates.  We use analytics to rapidly “mine” the Internet, our proprietary database, and 3rd party sites such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Dice to quickly and efficiently identify a diverse set of candidates.  While some firms cut corners and rely on a sub-set of available tools, we invest in all available tools to ensure we consider all available talent for your role.

2.  Optimal Efficiency

We are committed to meeting your talent needs faster than our competitors.  We are able to do so for 2 simple reasons.  First, we will work around the clock.  We are young, passionate, and committed to the success of our clients.  Second, and more importantly, we take a continuous improvement approach to the Marmor delivery process.  Our delivery process is focused on 5 primary steps that deliver superior talent every time.  Each quarter, we conduct a “post-mortem” review of all placements from that quarter.  By continuously reviewing metrics such as submittal to interview ratio, interview to hire ratio, and time to fill, we are always optimizing our process by removing low-value activities and focusing only on those activities that deliver value for our clients.  Moreover, we over-invest in critical up-front activities (e.g., our rigorous assessment of technical competency and organizational fit) to ease the burden on our clients and eliminate duplication and re-work from our process.

3.  Distinctive Client Service

Marmor Talent Solutions is available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Our clients feel like we are always working to over-deliver on their projects.  We also focus on doing the “little things” right.  For example, we will not just send you a stack of resumes with a short “blurb” at the top of each.  Instead, our clients receive our proprietary Marmor Talent Package, which includes a prioritized list of candidates with each scored based on the critical criteria for the role.  We define success as meeting your talent needs and ensuring 100% client satisfaction during and well beyond the recruitment process.

4.  Client-first Approach

We understand that our clients want superior talent, optimal efficiency, and distinctive client service.  We also understand how important it is that new employees stick around and become top performers once placed.  Thus, our job is not complete until you feel 100% confident that we have found the right person who will thrive in your unique business environment.  We will not “over promise,” but we will “over deliver.”  In the staffing industry it is common for firms to commit to staffing a “purple unicorn.”  Instead, we are candid and transparent with our clients based on our deep understanding of the talent market.  If the role can be filled, we will fill it.  Finally, we offer industry-leading value by negotiating rates based on the specific budget of our clients.  Our goal is to maximize client satisfaction, not our margins.  We know that our business will grow exponentially as satisfied clients advocate on our behalf.  Thus, if you are reluctant to use a smaller firm, we are happy to discuss alternative payment arrangements to ensure your 100% satisfaction. 

5.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

For permanent hires, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If a new hire departs within the first 3 months (For any reason) we will back-fill the position for free.  The reason for this is simple.  We want our clients to fill their long-term talent needs without concern about having to re-engage a staffing agency just a few months later.